"mom….I think I’m punk rock…."

"the bible said adam and eve not patrick and pete"

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make me choose • Anonymous asked Haley James Scott or Marissa Cooper?

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Favorite Fictional Heroines | Natasha Romanoff
Iron Man 2, The Avengers

Allison Argent + weapons (part II)

39 & 40 of 50 pictures of: emilia clarke

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The 100 » Abby and Raven.

Abby: Can you do it?
Raven: Hell yes. I can do it.

theres two kind of people

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The 100 » Farewell, Charlotte.

"Every night I see him. Your father. He killed my parents. I see his face then I wake up and then see yours. The only way to make it end was to slay my demons. I had to"

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